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Kubota Tractor Service
Musgrave Equipment Co.
3866 US Hwy 70 W
Goldsboro, NC

Service Description


Here at Musgrave Equipment, we are proud to be a certified Kubota Servicing Dealer. Our trained technicians have numerous years of farm equipment servicing experience, so you can rest easy knowing your equipment is in good hands. Our technicians frequently visit Kubota facilities to gain knowledge and insight into the latest servicing information and they have all of the latest technology to assist in servicing at their fingertips. We hope that you will come see us for all of your servicing needs.

Below are some examples of the services we offer: 



  • Engine oil change

  • Engine tune ups     

  • Hydraulic servicing     

  • Rear wheel ballasting     

  • Kubota Warranty Repair

  • Kubota Insurance Repair

  • Computer Diagnostics     

  • Clutch Replacement & Repair     

  • Greasing     

  • Transmission Rebuilding

  • And much more